The 7 Secrets to Successful Business Networking

Your business cannot succeed in a vacuum. You need mentorship and support. In addition, networking with others will help you increase brand exposure.

Unlock the potential of these 7 secrets to successful business networking:

1.      Capitalize on the power of social media.

Even a few hours a week across all your social media platforms can help you build trust between you and your online audience. In addition to establishing your credibility, an online presence helps you keep your target audience informed at the tap of a button.

2.      Choose the words you use wisely.

Sometimes, reaching people depends on how you say what you say, and not just on what you say. Avoid cliché statements, and give them information they have not yet heard elsewhere. Speak from the heart, yet craft your words in a way that most accurately sends the message you intend to give.

3.      Surround yourself with successful, like-minded people.

Even if this requires relocation, find the people who will inspire you not place limits on you. It also includes connecting with people who have more experience and wisdom then you. The goal in this case is to follow in the footsteps of the people who have gone before you and “made it.”

4.      Associate with the people you want to become.

This might be a step you take that will take you out of your comfort zone. The reason why is, it might involve making connections with people of various races, classes and experiences, for instance. However, if one or more of the people you have met has what you want, those are the people you should spend most of your time getting to know.

5.      Be available to others who need guidance, too.

As you learn from others, you also can teach those who come after you. This will further increase your chance of feeling enriched on your journey to success. Offering of yourself to others also puts you in a position of discovering new opportunities you never knew existed.

6.      Remember to follow up with people.

Whether it is potential clients or prospective employees, keep in touch with them. If you are managing a project, also keep in touch with each member of that team. Communicating regularly when necessary with the right people shows your initiative to take action and accomplish important tasks. Follow-ups also increase your chance of boosting your company revenue.

7.      Reach out to others with “no strings attached.”

Although you might hope to land a new client in the process, do not make attracting new customers your only goal. Just being there when people need you at the right time will in the end somehow come back to you. This is a spiritual principle more than a “practical” solution for people who believe that giving to others is how you more often than not “get what you need” even if not expecting anything.

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