How These Normal People Are Making Money From The Internet?

We all have heard about how Internet is the current revolution across the globe and how people are taking advantage of it to make a fortune online.

We agree that not everyone can become Google, Facebook, or even Flipkart and Snapdeal. But, today we are going to tell you about Sumit Aggarwal who never thought he would be able to make any money online. Before he knew it, he discovered a few methods to make money online, and has now become an Internet entrepreneur.

We came across his blog last month and decided to feature his story on our blog. His blog is about technology and gadgets. In our phone interview, he told us his story. “I actually make money working from anywhere through the Internet. It is enough to comfortably replace last job’s income. Even my wife has stopped working now and spends more time with the family.”

We asked him, “Sumit, how you are able to earn working on the Internet?”

Here is what he explained: “It might be shocking to you but what I am doing is not very complex. And certainly I am not the only one doing this. There are literally thousands of people in India, with their own social media accounts, blogs and sites. You can grow your followers, likes, and make your blog and site popular if you have access to the right information. Everybody is on the Internet now and it is growing at an exponential pace. And guess what? All the big companies pay you huge amount of money to advertise on your blog/site/social properties. Online advertising industry is definitely a few billion dollars industry atleast.”

On our further research on how Sumit started his online career, we found out the various methods people like Sumit are using to make money online and various courses which help you to learn these methods. Out of these, we recommend you to join the Digital Profit Course which helps you to learn the following ways to make money online:

1) Blogging and advertising

Here you create a blog (usually on something you are passionate about) and regularly post on it. You try to make your blog popular and once it has started receiving some traffic, various companies can pay you to advertise on your blog.

2) Social fan following on platforms like Facebook and Instagram

It is not extremely hard to gain thousands of followers on facebook, instagram and twitter. You can get paid by companies to write about them if you have a good following.

3) Freelancing (writing articles, designing, uploading videos etc.)

What are you good at? Writing articles? Logo designing? Programming? Data entry? Microsoft office? Anything else? Build yourself a portfolio and start getting clients on the Internet.

4) eCommerce

With the help of technology, starting your own eCommerce store is not a rocket science now.

The power of the Internet has become huge now. There are many people making extra part time income with this, which comes in month after month. All these guys are not from IITs or IIMs, infact they are very normal. These guys are not at all overly qualified and neither are geniuses. But, they took action and were focused on success. That’s the most important thing! You don’t need to learn rocket science.

Identify your interests and skill-set. Based on those, choose one of the topic mentioned above. You can research about the chosen topic on Google and start making notes and device a strategy. Your strategy doesn’t need to be perfect. The important thing is to take action. You’ll anyway keep learning on the go. Show some dedication and you’ll definitely taste success like thousands and thousands of other people making money from the Internet.

If you want to speed up your success, avoid countless hours of trial and error, and want someone to guide you throughout the process by holding your hand, we highly recommend you to join Digital Profit Course.

Disclaimer: We do not recommend any sort of investment or “get rich quick” scheme to our readers. Please stay away from programs which ask you to just click or like to make money, or ask you to make members in return of money (MLM programs).

Affiliate Disclaimer: We might be compensated by various products we recommend on our site. However, we only recommend those products in which we thoroughly believe.

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