Diet Plan One May Follow To Get Into A Better Shape

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Fitness nowadays is taking over the world. From any of the famous celebrities to a common man, everybody wants his/her body to look muscular and lean. Intense work-out solely cannot get you such muscularity; there are many other aspects you need to focus on.

Nutrition is as important as the work-out. You have to manage both equally in order to get that ripped shape in lesser time. Below is the diet you must religiously follow to get yourself in a better shape:


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You have to drink at least a gallon of water on a regular basis. Water is the most essential and basic nutrient our body needs, because 70% of our human body is made from water.


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Love coffee or tea with sugar? It works as a stress buster? Well, it might feel like a quick recovery but it’s speeding to a dead-end. We suggest you to consume black coffee or tea instead. Adding unnecessary sugar to your diet is of no use, rather it’s dangerous for rapid growth. The adrenaline rush these stimulators provide to your body is momentary and your worst enemies, especially when you are working hard to get ripped.


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Yes we mean it! You need to obsess over protein intake, which will help you retain muscle mass swiftly. Eat more and more eggs, meat, steak, chicken breast, milk, peanut butter, cottage cheese, salmon, tuna fish and lentils.


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If you want to succeed in the plan, then downloading a food-tracker app is the right idea. You should track everything you eat to calculate the exact amount of carbs, calories, protein and fats you have consumed.


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Intense is the word. If your work-out is not intense and increasing regularly, then you are not getting stronger. Increase the intensity of everything you do, like if 6 sets yesterday then make it 7 day after. Let your body feel stronger, only then you’ll look stronger.


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Fat that hides muscle definitions burns with a good cardio session. These exercises tend to elevate the heart rate for a sustained period of time. Cardio is the solution to all your fat problems*, also the hidden fat gets evicted with cardio training.


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Add lemon juice to your diet now. Take a hot cup of water; add one teaspoon of organic lemon juice to it and no other drink can be more beneficial for you at this point of time. Being a remarkable source of Vitamin C, lemon juice is officially the post and pre work-out drink for all the trainers.


If you are not regular at gym, and are dreaming of getting yourself ripped then let us tell you that you are living in an illusion. Come out of it as soon as possible!

Regularity at gym is one of the most important things. If you are doing 12 sets in a day and then not hitting the gym next day, then you are just wasting your time and effort. Be regular, hit the gym on time just like you do with your work at office, and keep distractions away, especially your phone.

You need to be a little sincere here, if you really dream of having that perfect body structure.

* Disclaimer: The information provided on this site is intended for your general knowledge only and is not a substitute for professional advice.

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