7 Legit Ways to Earn Money Online

We know how massively the Internet has emerged with time, and so has its power. Internet is the most powerful thing in existence, especially if we talk about earning a living. In todays era, most of the professionals are solely dependent upon Internet for earning their livelihood. And, we are not at all surprised. In fact thousands and thousands of Indians are now able to make money from the Internet by one method or the other, depending on their interest and talent.

Internet being a global platform is capable of reaching out to millions of people out there, which helps you build a strong network and do effective business accordingly. There are many ways that can help you make money online such as:

1) Writing an E-book

eBooks are trending and filling the bank accounts of many aspiring writers out there. If you have that thing for writing and you can slay it like a pro, then you don’t need to give it a second thought.

Just write your eBook and sell it on online platforms like Amazon Kindle and Apple’s iTunes connect, and be ready to earn passive income. Also, the plus point in writing and selling an eBook is that you don’t need to invest a huge amount in this process. All you need to focus on is, firstly your writing skills and secondly the marketing of your book. If both of these are on-point, then you are surely going to be rich.

Growing number of people are reading eBooks these days. So, you already have a bright future!

2) Blogging

Hard-core blogging is another trend that is taking over the Internet like a storm. Every second guy or girl I meet is a blogger, but my question is how efficient you are? If you know the crux of blogging and you have the ability to earn a living out of it, only then you are a blogger (real blogger).

Being a blogger, and having your own blog is not at all a tedious task. But being a knowledgeable writer and giving your readers a vision through your words surely is. Being rich in knowledge, and being able to attract your readers by posting something of their interest is what can help you build a strong network through your blog and also will attract many other advertisers to promote their products on your page.

Before getting into blogging make sure you are capable enough of holding the audience to your blog on a regular basis. Because it’s all about organic and regular traffic (:

3) Email Marketing

Never forget, email marketing is the heart of every successful venture on the Internet. People who are serious about their online business, they need to possess the knowledge of building strong networking via emails. If their subscribers are actively participating and taking interest in their business, then they are surely going to be a success without a hint of doubt.

Make sure they sign up directly from your website or blog, that will help you gain higher success note.

4) Online Tutorials

Online tutorials are the best way of earning these days while sitting at your place. If you are good in your subject or any activity that you think will interest people, then my friend you must start with your online tutorials. Virtual teaching is the need of the hour. This includes academic studies, beauty tutorials, gift-wrapping techniques, dancing, fitness, and so much more.

5) Be a YouTuber

Today’s generation is obsessing over YouTubers whom they can relate with. Be it a fashionista, giving tips about her perfect nails or a fitness enthusiast who is teaching them the right workout to get the same body as his/her, people are following them blindly.

Being a YouTuber can help you earn a lot of money after building a strong network. The only thing that is important is, you being able to give something new and entertaining to your viewers and people will surely follow you like crazy!

6) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the God of web business. Being an affiliate is one of the most popular and easy ways of making money online. You need not do anything or go anywhere else, all you have to do is to promote your client and his work on your social handles, blog, website, or any other forum you possess.

Easy, interesting and I must say one of the most beneficial ways of making money online.

7) Freelance Work

Freelancing is another way of earning money via Internet. It works easily for both buyer and seller. For example, imagine yourself as a beauty writer and you love reviewing new cosmetic products. You recently reviewed a cosmetic brand and they got to know about your work via social media and somewhat liked it. They will contact you and ask you to review more of their products. This practice either helps you earn money or sometimes there is a barter system. They give you free products and you write for them.

It completely depends on what kind of profile do you possess. It varies from profession to profession. If we talk about a photographer, he/she will be paid for their best photographs. Same goes for a fashion/travel enthusiast. They’ll be paid for the exchange of their hard-work.

Here’s how to get started:

Identify your interests and skill-set. Based on those, choose one of the topic mentioned above. You can research about the chosen topic on Google and start making notes and device a strategy. Your strategy doesn’t need to be perfect. The important thing is to take action. You’ll anyway keep learning on the go. Show some dedication and you’ll definitely taste success like thousands and thousands of other people making money from the Internet. It is not a rocket science.

If you want to speed up your success, avoid countless hours of trial and error, and want someone to guide you throughout the process by holding your hand, here is what we highly recommend:

Step-1:  Join Digital Profit Course. Fill out a short form and get started.

Step-2:  You can setup your account there and you’ll be guided through the complete process.

Step-3:  Once you start making money, you can deposit your earnings by cheque or direct bank transfer. Making money this way is amazing. Get ready for your life to change.

Disclaimer: We strictly advise our users to stay away from get-rich-quick schemes. Stay away from all the programs promising you huge amount of money with zero effort by clicking ads, investing, MLM programs and more.


    • DigitalProfitCourse is an educational course which teaches you about blogging, affiliate marketing and more. If you follow it and work on it, you should be able to have some success and make money online. But please keep in mind that like with any educational course, there is no guarantee about anything. For example: if you join a gym, that doesn’t guarantee you will get fit. You have to “work” at the gym.

    • it is fake. are you mad balal perous ?
      It is a scam.
      you know what, now a day, who don’t have jobs in India. they website and start scamming.
      best of luck, who are interested.

      • Hi Leo, thanks for your opinion. But there are many websites offering many courses in India including digital marketing courses which are definitely not a scam. So please do your research properly and don’t judge all the websites on the basis of some scams which promise you to click/like and make money and ask you to make more members.

  1. I am interested in writing short stories having published amy book “EMPTY FISTS” through Notion Press, Chennai 2 years back. I have more stories which I wish to publish through e book channel.Please guide me how to proceed in this matter. Regards. Sivakumar.

    • You should consider becoming a publisher on Amazon eBook platform, Kindle. You can become an author their and publish your books.

  2. I am much interested to earn from net and I am doing some small small jobs too. Is the DIGITAL PROFIT COURSE a legit one…? How can I enter into it…? May I get some of the experts advise from the Digital Profit Course…?

    Please help me to get in…


  3. i am mca degree holder right now i am interest in the field of electronics like
    lcd tv led smps dvd sound and other electronic goods repairing fault finding and correcting all aspects as well
    i got diploma in electronics filed also and working experience about 20 years i am working full time i have no time except 2 or 3 hrs is it possible or not kindly suggest me at once so that……

  4. I am a tea garden employee. Basicly handled accounts and internal audit.
    I have my interest in health consiosness by yaga n pranayam.
    I am going to be retired veryrecently.
    I am intrested to keep my self engaged and to earn my livlyhood.
    Can u assist what I can do through internet

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