6 Recommended Content Marketing Tools

No matter how many new online marketing tools are out there, content marketing remains king. You need to set up your own blogs and social media. However, you also might want to consider using one of the following content marketing tools.

One of these 6 recommended content marketing tools will help your business:

1.      Outbrain

It is set up like the way that pay per click ads are published. However, it involves the submission of content for which you pay per view. They have high standards for making sure content circulated to thousands of publishers is of a high enough quality that people would want to read. You can start out with a budget as low as about $10 per day.

2.      Hubspot

You might want to try out a demo or sign up for any free trial if still available. It is a bit pricy at a minimum of $200 per month. However, it is a one-stop shop for marketers. Here you can set up landing pages and send out marketing campaigns to your contacts. You also can schedule social media posts. This company now has a free inbound sales tracking system where you can manage all your connections at once.

3.      BuzzSumo

This platform offers you tools to help you find trending content based on your search. You can then use those ideas for sending out your content. This analytical software also provides you the insights you need to optimize your content. For instance, your searches will give you hints on how to create the ideal content titles, and you could use BuzzSumo to find the best places to advertise.

4.      Clearvoice

You can use this service to help you find great content to post. Contributors offer their services here on a freelance basis. This work process software also unites various distributor groups and marketing entities for easier content marketing. In addition to hiring, you also can plan and manage all content from this software.

 5.      Hootsuite

This is one of the most popular social media post scheduling services. You can have posts sent out to dozens of social media profiles daily for strategic mass distribution of your articles, videos and graphics. This system works with all types of apps including You Tube, Blogger, Twitter and Facebook.

6.      Social Oomph

You can use the multitude of post recycling services to keep sending posts to Twitter and Facebook. Using Social Oomph, you can manage multiple profiles at once, and you can even schedule mentions based on the content being posted. You also can place as few or as many items in your queues as possible.



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