5 Workplace Upgrades that Will Improve Office Productivity

If you have ever had trouble concentrating at work, think of how your employees must feel. They sometimes just do not seem to accomplish as much no matter how hard they try. Oftentimes, surroundings might be the reason why.

5 Workplace Upgrades that Will not Cost you Much

The five workplace upgrades you might want to try will improve productivity. However, the ones you see listed below will also not cost you much. Therefore, you might be able to implement some of these changes immediately.

1.      Open tight work spaces with a little bit of re-arranging.

Even moving the desk to the window and adding a mirror could give workers the illusion that they are not so crowded. You also could minimize the amount of furniture and supplies that you store in this space and keep it as free as possible from unnecessary clutter. Encourage your employees to help in this regard by keeping their desks clean, too. A freer, more open space will unclutter everyone’s minds and help your entire team complete more tasks throughout the day.

2.      Install comfortable chairs and adjust office furniture.

A common complaint within most office jobs where people would sit down most of the day is sore backs. This can reduce productivity. You can help prevent this discomfort by placing ergonomic chairs by each of their desks. In fact, offering a comfortable place to sit to your employees can stop neck pains and other musculoskeletal problems. The chair should be adjusted at the ideal height in which an employee can most comfortably reach the computer mouse, keyboard, phone, and other equipment.

3.      Keep interior work climate at a comfortable level.

In the summer, set the cooling thermostat to approximately 70-80 degrees. In the winter, do the same for the heater. Making sure the workplace stays at a comfortable temperature provides you with many benefits. For instance, it can prevent sicknesses and diseases that result in missed work days or delayed project completion. A comfortable workplace temperature also prevents exhaustion.

4.      Provide natural surroundings when possible.

One of the easiest ways to mimick nature on the job is to set plants in as many locations within a room. You also could pipe soothing nature sounds through overhead speakers using a music service. In addition, paintings of the beach or a mural of a forest might add a natural touch. Be careful not to make it too “cheesy,” however. It still is a place of business after all.

5.      Motivate your workers using inspirational colors.

For instance, blue can provide a feeling of calmness, and green can indicate a love for trees. Orange and yellow can denote excitement and cheerfulness. Red can send a message of vitality, and red mixed with pink could send a message of love and hope to the people who work for you. The right combinations of colors will also portray professionalism, advertise your logo, and combat depression.


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