5 Tips That Will Help You Getting Into Meditation Routine

Meditation is one of the healthiest habits one can adapt. Hands down, bar none! Meditation is the best medicine to all your physical or mental problems, but most importantly it helps you understand your own mind. Meditation calms your mind, body and soul. It is practised to cure all your mental, physical and emotional problems from the roots. Also, meditation helps you reduce weight in no time. It is believed that if you start meditating your skin glows naturally, and it rejuvenates your skin cells by balancing your hormonal level.

Meditation is a regular practice that is performed to polish your experience and to open a new aspect into your life. It is a means that helps you tap into the depth of positive energy and ecstasy.

Invest Just Two Minutes

In the beginning, start with just two minutes a day for at least a week. We know it seems to be really easy, but make sure these two minutes are fully dedicated. When things start to go off easy, then you can increase the time as per your will. If you’ll maintain the practice sincerely, then we assure you that you’ll be able to practice meditation for more than 20 minutes a day in just two months.

Make sure these two minutes that you are investing are concentrated enough 🙂

Choose a comfortable posture

As a beginner, it is important for you to feel comfortable while meditating. One of the most common myths of meditation is to sit in the padmasana i.e. the lotus position. Your posture makes a lot of difference when it comes to meditation, you should always make sure you feel relaxed and comfortable while practising the session.

Try and sit straight and close your eyes. Let your shoulders and neck feel relaxed throughout the process. Always remember, “It’s not about getting good at meditation, it’s only about getting good in your life”.

We guarantee you the most relaxing minutes of your day (:

Do It Your Way

You need not follow the rule book while practising meditation. Meditation is practised to calm your mind, and if something like walking or practising yoga gives your mind a sense of calmness, then my friend you perform that. Always remember, while practising any activity to calm your mind you must feel your body movement, breath, sensation of wind brushing your skin, what all you are hearing and what you can see with your closed eyes.

No matter how you meditate, make sure you look closely to how your body is reacting and helping you take a step forward towards positive life.

Come back when your mind wanders

You mind will wander, but you will have to find your way back. Wandering of mind and thoughts is very common, and it’s positive too. Let your mind be free, and your imagination be wild. Think about everything you can do, anywhere you can go, and question yourself of not being there. This practice will motivate you find many answers and will help you hit the reality with a positive attitude.

When your mind will stop wandering and you’ll be back in your real life, you might just smile and start working for it with a positive attitude. Also, you can feel a sense of courage and boldness of achieving something that you have been trying from long enough.

Understand the benefits of Meditation

Meditation is a medicine. It treats all your stress, irregular hormones, physical ailment, mental illness, or emotional imbalance in life. Overthinking is the root of all your problems, which has only one cure and that is meditation. The power of meditation is scientifically approved by the experts and this practice requires not much of your time in a day.

In a  recent study, it was proven that if you spend less than 30 minutes a day for meditation then you’ll are absolutely fit and stress resistant. You tend to take life challenges positively with ultimate grace. Meditation helps you focus on the positive of everything, moderates your normal tendency towards physiological over-arousal by calming your mind, body and soul.


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