4 Ways to Handle Mistreatment by Coworkers

If trying to stop coworkers from mistreating you is your number one goal in life, you might be sorely disappointed after a while. You might even become disillusioned and wonder if any good in the world exists at all. However, making small adjustments in your thinking and action toward others can help you overcome the horrible feelings of not being treated right.

4 ways to handle mistreatment by coworkers:

1.      Accept that mistreatment is inevitable.

Although no one should be a doormat, trying to control the way others act is futile. Sometimes, they do or say things that hurt us, and we cannot stop it. Therefore, all we can do is realize it’s going to happen whether or not people treat us well. Besides, we’re not required to continue a relationship with anyone who does mistreat us.

2.      Create distance between you and those people.

You might, for instance, not be able to stop showing up for work because of the way people misbehave toward you. However, you can choose to work a different shift or avoid unnecessary communication with them. You are not under any obligation to interact with a coworker who repeatedly disrespects, hurts or violates you.

3.      Gently confront that person using compassion.

Sometimes, if people are mean – particularly if it’s fellow employees –it might be because of personal problems outside of work. If you perhaps find out what is happening beneath a coworker’s tough exterior, you might end up making a brand-new friend. Once you show them you care, they might stop taking out their problems on you.

4.      Consult authorities when in danger.

Most of the time additional action usually is not required other than simple confrontation. However, you also have the right to protect yourself from physical harm. Furthermore, you do not have to be constantly belittled or harassed. Whenever the situation warrants, consult upper-level management or law enforcement to stop the ongoing abuse.

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