4 Hidden Gems Found in Unexpected Adversities

When dealing with troubling circumstances, it can be tough to see the positive of it while it is happening. If you cannot appreciate the hidden gems of adversities, you soon will after going through it.

It’s time to discover these 4 hidden gems of unexpected adversities:

1.      Hardships give us greater appreciation for what we do have.

Sometimes, we have it too easy. Then, we don’t even realize how good we have it until we start to lose everything handed to us one by one. Once we start experiencing losses we never thought we would, we then realize that we should have just been grateful for what we had in the first place. As we become more thankful, our needs change once we learn to be content no matter what.

2.      We learn that delayed gratification is not going to “kill us.”

It might be frustrating to wait in line sometimes. Or perhaps our spouse is not in the mood for sex one night. Sometimes, we also find it hard to wait when we really want that item in the store right now. However, when we delay our gratifications, we later realize it wasn’t as important to us as we thought. In this, we experience a newfound joy in not being too anxious to have what we can’t immediately have.

3.      We find strength we knew we never had.

Oftentimes, we underestimate ourselves. We think we cannot handle much. However, sometimes unexpected life circumstances stretch our ability to persevere. Hard times also make us tougher and more resilient for the next time we face adversity.

4.      We learn how capable we really are.

Sometimes, we discover hidden talents when facing adversity. For instance, many people facing difficulties begin to write, draw, paint or garden to release stress. Then, they realize they enjoy these activities and keep pursuing those passions.

5.      Hard times strip away our pride.

This often might be necessary for those of us who tend to carry on with no help from anyone whether any assistance would benefit us or not. Many people learn that it is perfectly acceptable if not necessary to reach out to others occasionally. Adversities also help us remember that we are not better than anyone else.

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