10 Things NOT to Do in 2017 to Be Successful

Perhaps 2016 was great. However, you perhaps fell short of your goals and want 2017 to be better. If so, you might want to rethink your approach to success.

This is a list of 10 things not to do in 2017:

1.      Don’t say, “I’m done learning.”

If you assumed that your training was completed after high school or college, you are mistaken. Even as an adult, you need to keep your mind open to learning new skills, concepts and more. Write down in a notebook what you learned, and review all your notes daily. Avenues of education include both accredited college classes and audit workshops. Even free video classes on You Tube would help.

2.      Don’t take your skills, talents or expertise for granted.

Perhaps you have experienced some success using what you know right now. You also have some expertise in a certain area such as writing, graphics arts, marketing or mechanics. Whatever the skills you have may be, do not think that you are irreplaceable. Otherwise, someone will outshine you. Keep taking refresher courses to keep up with the competition.

3.      Don’t resist helpful feedback.

The second you say that you don’t need anymore constructive feedback, your growth as a person stops. Not gracefully accepting the kind of criticism that could make you a better person will cause you to reach a plateau in your career. Some of the world’s riches people, in fact, have endured much criticism and have welcomed much feedback before rising to the top.

4.      Don’t try to get by without a trustworthy mentor.

If success is what you want, then you need to seek out a trustworthy mentor. It makes sense to choose someone who has already experienced success in the industry of which you want to excel. This is true whether you are in business for yourself or are working for someone else. Look for someone who will gladly take you under his or her wing. There always usually is someone willing to take on a mentorship role.

5.      Don’t focus on what the majority is or isn’t doing.

You might have heard at least once in the past that the “majority isn’t always right.” If you try to follow in the footsteps of 97 percent of the people out there, your lifestyle will never improve. Instead, focus on what the top 1-3 percent of the people in the world are doing. It’s always the minority that wins when it comes to vocational or financial success.

6.      Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.

Making yourself visible and putting yourself out there could result in rejection. However, you will never make that next sale or find that high-profile client if you don’t network with people daily. Reach out to people on social media as well as face-to-face at public or private events.

7.      Don’t keep making excuses.

If you want to be successful, you need to stop making excuses. Seize the opportunities you have now, and do not expect to have the same chances tomorrow. Move past your deepest fears, and do not give up for long in spite of obstacles.

8.      Don’t stop being genuine.

If you have been told you have to “fake it until you make it” in the business world, that’s a lie. Some of the most down-to-earth, honest people are the ones who have become wealthy. They also are more fulfilled in life because they are not living to please other people but rather staying true to themselves.

9.      Don’t forget your mission statement.

No amount of money that you make will satisfy you if you are not following your own vision. If you lose sight of your personal objectives, re-read your mission statement. Perhaps you have written one while creating your business plan. Otherwise, you perhaps took a vocational coaching workshop where you were told to come up with one. Whatever your vision is for your life, stay committed to it if you want to keep your joy.

10.  Don’t steal from others.

Borrow others’ ideas and works with permission if you want. However, it never is in good form to steal from others. If you are found out, you not only will suffer severe penalties such as imprisonment or fines, but you will also hate yourself for it. No one will respect you unless they know they can trust you not to steal from them.

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